Innovation and Technology to improve smart cities

What we do

We support companies, the public sector and multilateral organizations to improve the quality of life in cities. 

We offer consulting services and training on smart cities, such as sustainability, mobility, technologies, innovation, industry 4.0, urban planning and human development. 

 We create cutting-edge content on trends in cities around the world. 

 We want to help and accompany those who are interested in introducing innovation and technology at the service of people to make cities smarter, more sustainable and humane.



on the development of Smart Cities projects for governments and companies.


in national and international events.

Trainings and workshops

for the private and public sectors on smart cities, innovation, technologies and thematic areas.

Market research

around the world and analysis of the implementation in different contexts.

On site experiences

and technical missions customized for governments and companies initially, in European and Latin American cities.

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